“Start Off While Young and Very Eager”

Sometime in early childhood, there seems to be a natural desire  for something so great, that if the child receives  or will get an early and sound  foundation in that desire, also being  early enough – that desire  just might end up  being the LOVE of their Life!

That is what happened with my son, Lee. Before he was the age you see him in this next PHOTO, every time there would be a place for children to get a “PONY RIDE”  – that was the first thing that little Lee would ask to do.

So finally, when we moved back to Saint Louis and we had a house with a big enough yard – I called about places that had ponies for sale. There was a such place in  Illinois, and so we went over the River, to check this place out.

The PONY is expecting or with foal and the fee for her  was $90.00 and in addition to that – we needed a saddle and a few other items for another $45.00. 

Almost forgot, there was an additional charge for the “PONY” to be delivered to our house. Can not remember the exact time of the year and I did not take pictures that often, but Lee was outside with his “PONY” – almost living with the PONY.

Several weeks after having this “PONY” in our backyard and the children were  just loving it, someone from the “County” office  came out,  and told me that I had two weeks to find a home elsewhere for the “PONY” So I called the man that sold me the pony – and he said, “There is no trade in nor refunds for “Ponies” but I can pick it up and see if I can get rid of it for you?” He came so fast, took the PONY, and never a dime of a refund!   “Let that be a lesson to all that read this!”

  Well – when a child receives that LOVE of their LIFE – and just so  fast,  that is taken away – it hurt me more, than Lee!  So, the search  began for a different home – one that would have  acres of ground, suitable for horses,  and the search continued – till we finally found such a property.

When we moved, one of the first things we did was to go on a search for horses but, was told that we, the parents should take a course at  the Community College – to be up to date regarding all of the necessary information.  So we signed up,  took the course, visited horse farms and received plenty of good ideas for all the things we needed to do, just to prepare the barn and the land for the horses.

After all the years of having horses for my sons, and then Lee went into the NAVY – and  several years later,  Lee married and has a wife, that loves horses  and dogs and cats – the whole nine yards – and as most DREAMS from early childhood – this one turned out just fine.

The two PHOTOS in color – show Lee, with the LOVE of his early childhood “HORSES”  they,  that were in  his first dream,  comes true – “HORSES” on his own property forever!     D.V.

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