“One Must Have A Dream Every DAY”

The above song is a favorite of mine – just such inspiring words, so much so,  that I feel that I have to pass it  on – so that everyone will give –  some real serious  thought, as to their own DREAMS – and to check out – “HOW is my Dream, coning along, today?”

With that in mind, and thinking back about my son, LEE as pictured in the next PHOTO  – can not recall exactly his age, but  it seems that he was in that investigating “TWO” age,  as he would do what he liked, even if he was corrected to do things differently!

LEE  always like to get into the water, and we lived across the street from the “LAKE MELBA” where his friend, “ickke” as Lee would call him,  as they  would end up going to play.  No matter what we said or did, Lee would hide his swimming trunks outside somewhere, and change  clothes, when he and his friend  a year older than LEE,  would  usually end up  doing something  on Lake Melba!

My husband LEE Sr., finally  decided to make arrangements for Little Lee to learn to swim  as there was no way to keep him away from the water – and we did not want him to drown. The Instructor said that Lee was a “natural” born swimmer – and even taught him to dive, since as he said,  “Lee is part fish!”

So when a young man turns eighteen and  gets registered for the SERVICE – Lee selected the NAVY,  figuring that he could easily  do that which comes natural to him – get into the  deep water!

That is Lee standing nice and tall in the next PHOTO and was on the Class Swimming team,  and that is something that I would not be able to do, as I can not swim – just never got the hang of it – even when I took lessons at the YMCA  with my girlfriend, Eleanora Faucher.

It seems to me that, to be able to swim – and do it correctly – you just have to be wired differently and totally,  not afraid of the water. Having just  said that mouthful – I am not qualified to even get near the water.This next Photo is of LEE when he was on leave for the HOLIDAYS,  and this may have been 1980 and he looks so happy to be  back HOME!

Looking at where Lee is standing, in our driveway at the time  that this PHOTO was taken – Today you would not find this place  at all, as it has all been changed.

That is Bowles Avenue – –  Today –  it is all together different – I have not seen it person – but looking on Google – lots of changes everywhere and  all of that land is now a regular Subdivision – with homes on very small lots – but,  as you can see – at the time when we were living there – everyone had at least three acres of ground and this  is where we had our horses, that the boys love to ride and did learn to take care. 

Remembering… One time when the snow was so deep and there were a couple of things that  I needed from the store, Lee got on his horse and went to the STORE, in downtown FENTON – and come to think f it – It was a Kroger Store  –  to shop for me!  Something that you would not be able to do – back the,  on those HILLS, that you can see in the background  area  – never  was able to drive  on those hills – in a heavy mess of  SNOW.

“How do you like that  Datson 280Z – will have to tell you all about that, later!”

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