“Navy Men and Both Born In DECEMBER”

Just had to watch the “Caine Mutiny” movie for the  “how many” time and a half,  can not remember – but just had to get the music – as –  it just has that something extra – that you like – it just keeps you thinking about it and tapping my foot as if I am marching – must be that I like the NAVY!

While looking for the music, had to read up on Humphrey Bogart as I like his movies, but have never taken the time to read up on his personal life as so many do.

If I like  the movies then, I will continue  to watch them. Just thought of that other movie that he is in and I know everyone just  LOVES  it –  “Casablanca” and with that last scene, “Here’s Looking At YOU, Kid!” – It is,  just off the charts –  the number of times,  that I had to rewatch – just as if, I had never seen it before.

Humphrey was born in December – and if I remember correctly, on the  “25th”  and, another old memory,  I believe “William B. Riley” an UNCLE to us, as he married my “MOM’s” older sister, Irene Brady! So, with all of that,  I believe that the “25th date” is a very  good day to be born!

But, getting back to being born in “DECEMBER” and signing up to join  the “NAVY” when you are very young,  have to add my son, Lee, Jr., and post his PHOTO! 

   and… this other  PHOTO,  the “one”  that my neighbor, Jackie  Jansen said,  was just so “terrific!”

It sure is a good thing that we have good cameras “today” to take terrific PHOTOS, of our SONS when they have “leave time”   and  they are young and in that  Branch of Service that they really like.

I do believe,  that because my son, LEE enjoyed swimming and then served in the NAVY – that I  now, like most NAVY MOVIES because  it seems like,  that which  he is doing and when the music is  also so terrific – in my “memory” I can still see him at that age – way back then – and  having those good memories  – that is what keeps us  forever young.

You only get old, if you have no good memories to fall back on. If we all make the best of times that we have –  with our family  – all extra  high quality and enjoyable times – then no matter what happens – we can always – whenever we need to indulge ourselves, “fall back”  into being just as young as our  wonderful thoughts of  yesterday!     D.V.

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