“My Head Problem – Feels Just Like This”

Thanks to the Person, and  “YOU KNOW WHO YOU  ARE” as I  left the “note” you see below – posted under this,  Head Problem of mine!


“I need this PHOTO to show the Doctor what the problem is in my head.” “OKAY”

When I saw the above PHOTO, in a highly private collection of Photos – immediately,  it came to mind, that a PHOTO is worth a thousand words!

I knew, that I needed this PHOTO  and I knew it was where they make it very difficult for viewers to take – but, when I was to see the Doctor the other day, and I was trying to tell him about my head problem – I could tell by his face – that what I was saying – he never heard anything like it – that it made no  medical sense to him – and he was having a real problem of trying to diagnose this situation.

I continue talking and describing my situation – but nothing was giving him enough information to prescribe anything. So to further help him, I ask if maybe my ears were in need, of a good cleaning, as I may have a broken finger-nail in that ear, as I use the longest nail to reach in and clear out the ear-wax, if any?

The Doctor check both ears thoroughly, and he said, that  they were  both clean but,  that the right ear had some kind of a  long word – I couldn’t and  would never ever be able to remember – even if, I could say the word – as my memory and understanding of big words are too much for  my mouth to say, and a person of my age, too much to even try to say  much less be able to comprehend. That is the  very same  and exact reason, that  I failed “Biology” in college!

The Professor  said to me, “If you can get an “A”  in your MATH course – you should also get an “A” in Biology,  as they are related!”   That made no sense to me, as I could not see how they were related. I just had to explain to him, that big words are too hard to say, and too hard to spell,  and that, my little  mouth won’t  even,  if it could, work that way?

My head feels so big – as if there is something running around inside  and mostly on the right side – and if at all possible – I sure would like to get it fixed!

The situation is one,  that now needs a second opinion, so now that I have a PHOTO of the inside of the BRAIN – I will soon be seeing what a new set of eyes can figure out?

I only wish that, there was an easier way – to find  out –  how  does NOISE –  get inside of the HEAD?

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