“Don’t You Just Wish You Could Fly”

“Someday’s  that is just what  Al  and some of his  Pilot buddies do, they decide  that it is  that time for them – to get into  that Airplane  and get up there, where the sky is so nice and blue and the “chatter” from the birds flying over is, “Where is that fancy plane  – that Al flies by  – in today?”

“Guess… that “AL” heard us… on his radio… he will catch up with us – up here!”

“Just look at him go!”

This is our best and favorite FLYER Al, himself  performing like only he can do,  and I would like to see more young people start  in their own course of study to learn to FLY – – and be able to enjoy  Flying in their very own Airplane today,  tomorrow and  forever!  

And, let us not forget,  that we need  our young people to learn to FLY, “Helicopters” –  “WOW” as you will never know, just   when you are young – but,  there could  just be such a day when…   When you are working in a  “Corporate”  field – that  would require for you to be able to FLY a Helicopter  –  that surely  would bring you up that ladder of employment  success  – at last  this will surpass  all of your dreams – making you just the most satisfied of all your  “PILOT”   friends, in the working market!

Prepare and be ready – Your day and time is just around the corner!

“Thanks be to the Almighty  for giving us Airplanes and the talent to learn to Fly them!”  D.V.

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