“To Fly – Start With BABY STEPS – FIRST”

To just think about FLYING – YOU  must FIRST – be exposed to some  idea of how it feels, getting into that  great High and Beyond –  YOU  all know – UP THERE  and or  just UP in the AIR –  somewhere!This is “AL”  just like he is sitting in the cockpit of an Airplane – sitting up front – you might say “cooped” up in the hands of his DADDY – where they can see  what it looks like,  when you are  FLYING high,  up and around in the AIR and all  just before, you are to go into your bedroom, to get a good night’s sleep!

Sure does look like, they are having lots of FUN – Big Smile and no crying going on!

How’s this for size – you do have to take the children to places where AIRPLANES are on display – somewhere you can go up close – get up and on and even in, if you can –  get the whole touch and feel, for effect – just to see, if the “shoe could fit” –   and to be sure that there are no “scaredy-cats” like they say,  because when you are up there –  you  are  UP there, till the airplane lands safely on the ground!

NOW, this is the beginning,  this is when you get that “Flying BUG”  you are developing a taste for what you really like,  so that from now on – you will never have that “fear” of Flying!

When you are young enough to feel free to get into an  “Aircraft” and go up with a PILOT – that is also learning – you do not know,  that there is  ever a slight  chance of your coming down and for an unplanned landing – those  flying mistakes do not make you nervous – it just all seems to be  so natural – you are now  qualified  and ready to fly – anytime and anywhere – with anyone, any ole time!    Step right up, and step right in – continue  to do that which comes naturally!  Keep up with  your learning and training and Fly – every chance you can  – you will see –  that – someday it pays off royally!

“With all this training  – you just might be a KING or even a PRESIDENT –  just keep on  doing it all,   all of it according to the plan – and  you will see, that you like that which happens!”   D.V.

“Here’s… Looking at YOU, KID!”

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