“Aunt Irene and Card Players – Meet Monthly”

         “Everybody is ready to PLAY CARDS…”img045

“Does  your “Card Playing Club” take time out,  to pose for PHOTOS?”

Click on the PHOTO, to enlarge  –  can you guess what YEAR,  this might be?  

Our, Aunt Irene C. Riley is  the lady  next  to a lady in the “WHITE DRESS”  –  the dull white  dress – sitting on the  right side of this Photo, the second position from the right,  and the lady next to her, is our good friend, Mrs. Agnes Callahan, and she does not look too well. This could be the year that, Mrs. Agnes Callahan almost died, but our Aunt Irene had made a visit to her house and was able to save Mrs. Callahan’s life.

Aunt Irene had taken the RED CROSS COURSE and was able to do almost anything , because  she  was not afraid to get her hands dirty or bloody in the attempt to keep her good friend alive! I did get to hear all about the situation  – the complete story as to what  Aunt Irene had to do, from my Mother  – and just let me say, most people would not even try, to do what she had done – but there was no time to wait for help – and Aunt Irene  – she just did everything  as a Doctor  would have done, all that was necessary – she should get a gold star – for what she did, to save her good friend,  from a  for sure  and painful death!

The best thing about having a “GOOD FRIEND”  is to have that FRIEND show up when you really need her, and nothing will stand in her way of saving your LIFE, if  and when, that is what is needed !

No matter how hard the job, being difficult and even a dirty mess of a job,  nor whatever the  biggest of obstacles – that  needs  for you, all alone to overcome the situation, to bring LIFE  back into  your best FRIEND!

Many years before, when Aunt Irene needed surgery to save her LIFE, and since it was an operation, that did not look like it would really solve the problem, our good friend Mrs. Callahan made a trip to “LOURDES”  to get some of the BLESSED WATER  – all at her own expense.

This trip was done as quickly as possible,  as it was a Death or LIFE situation in those days.  Mrs. Callahan brought this Blessed Water  back,  just for Aunt Irene!  Would you believe it – that holy and BLESSED WATER is what made all the difference in the saving of Aunt Irene’s LIFE!

When you can save a friend’s LIFE – You  do have a true FRIEND, and  that is forever! I am guessing,  that all of these LADIES, in the “CARD PLAYING CLUB”  were all very good friends,  and all were there for each other,  whenever  and forever, always available and ready to help each,  when a call to them was made,  doing that which only they  could, in whatever  way they were needed!

                 “On the Backward ROAD…”img042

Catching up – with the days before –  the DAYS, that we do not even remember, they are so long ago and none of us were there!

“Click on the photo to enlarge”

That  “caret  mark” at the bottom of the photo is to indicate –  our Aunt Irene C. Riley, as  she is the second lady from the left.

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