“Everybody is SOoo HAPPY on the FARM”

When you stop to think about LIFE, and  if you can remember back to when you lived on a FARM  –  what is the  most memorable  of things that  has made those days,  better than the fast pace days of the big CITY Life?

Just to have caught,  this little LOVE of one animal to and for another, is something,  that you  would not think even possible?  But there is something that living on the FARM does, to all those little ones that live  on   the FARM,  where a strong amount of LOVE is given to all animals – that the animals just try to show us – humans – that LOVE is so important even  among the small fry animals – as they form strong attachments to one another – since they are all one  big  happy FAMILY  living and working all together – making  sure that each one,  will never ever want to leave this, “little piece of  heaven!”

This is Mr. Trump, the new addition to the family and making sure that everyone knows that he is getting bigger  and while he  is growing in size, he is also,   going to be doing his part of  helping little Miss Lotto  do her regular chores around the outside of the property,  as all good guard dogs  will do.

We can  not hear what Mr. Trump is telling,  the little Miss Lotto,  as he has the  “soul of Mr. Lee’s boot”  hanging from his mouth, but just so you will know, Mr. Trump is saying,  “Lotto… You are so LUCKY,  that you have  a friend that has SOUL!”

Farmer Lee, himself – right out there where he is supposed to be doing all that  hard hand digging, as when there is a job to be done – and has to be done NOW –  you start at the top of  the chain and see what they think this JOB requires – and sometimes, the guy at the top is  most qualified to do the job  – and all by himself!

Soon the top Boss, will be out to make a check of the situation – see for herself, just exactly what has  been done and what more will need to be done? Then, with two  heads checking out things a big decision  will need to be made – and that is where the purse strings will have to be opened – ’cause some jobs just require more man-power and the big heavy duty equipment!

Since I just received these PHOTOS  –  I  also will need to give more time to this situation  – that is to  make more inquires as to what is going on, and where do we proceed from here?

So much going on  -“On the Farm” that I will need to look at the rest of these PHOTOS just to see what the next story will be? I was told that one the four “GOATS” that they have  – has been given the name “GRANDMA” and,  that ‘one’ is suppose to take after me! I have never given that a thought – that an old GOAT – could take after me?

Looks like this is calling for more investigation, and since it is close to Halloween –  just maybe there is an old “Witch”  doing some flying around – just for Fun and Games! I  understand that this will be a real cold night, this year  – maybe even,  too cold for a “Witch” to Fly at night, all by herself  and without permission?

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