“If Daddy Flies – I Fly too”

“Wouldn’t YOU?”

“Just before I was born – I went Flying with my MOM and DAD!” They like to Fly everywhere, even to Florida and back. So, when I was little and they were going to the Airport – I was there,   too! I believe that I may have been born with my very own set of WINGS, not something that anybody and everybody can say – but It  is terrific to be with your parents, doing what they like doing for FUN – and that is to FLY!


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“Everything that my DADDY does – I want to be able to do – so that is why, I like to Fly – whenever,  I get the ChANCE!”   D.V.

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 …and…    “Just have to add the next generation,  “Little LEX, himself”  and  –  he is looking like he will be a Pilot,  too!

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