“Children are the very Best of Gifts”

We all want a very good family, one that has both parents at home and with the children, for all of their  lives.  That is what we want! But, what are we willing to do, as  good parents to see to it, that we have a  very good family – can not say a “perfect” family, as there is nothing,  that is so  very perfect on this Earth, right NOW!

With all of that said, take a look at the  following…

Do you realise that the words,  those words, that are  the most important, are  words that most of  us, do not use in our daily LIFE as we should.

TIME – that is  so important, as none of us know for sure just exactly how long we will be here on EARTH!  The next important WORD Is  MONEY!

“SPENDING” what a word?”  From day one, we are given “money” as a child to buy something – and we did nothing in the world to earn it and for no good reason, but that someone just thought we might like it? They may have even coached us about how to spend it, like getting something that we might like?

As we reached that age, when we were not so cute and sweet, “NOBODY” was just handing out any kind of money, and made it clear – that one does have to work, to earn it, and there we are wondering, “What in world happened to me, I can not have something for nothing?”

So it looks like we have to  start thinking more about “TIME” – and how much “TIME” do we feel we really have?  Having our children,  and now, that they are small, and everything is new and amazing as  it can be, this  is a  very big and beautiful world and everything we see is new and so wonderful, that which we hear, we never heard before?

We are learning from the very first day, we enter into the LIFE with our new family, and we want to enjoy the new road that we are on – on EARTH – and what those best of ways would be  – for each child  here, it should  be so special,  that  – we must think of, just how,  we want to spend all  of our TIME,  and as much as we can, right NOW this very new minute, showing my new child, everything that is beautiful for my child to enjoy with me, the parent, as for this very first TIME in my LIFE.

I am  NOW, seeing it all NEW,  as if, I had  never seen it before, because now,  my child is asking questions about everything that is new and beautiful – as this  is his first TIME, and  is a first TIME for me. too!

“Small children are just so  extra wonderful – the most precious  of all of the GIFTS, that our Creator can give to us!”    D.V.

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