“Tell me again, the DAY WE CELEBRATE”

           “Is it THANKSGIVING…DAY…yet?”img157

“Is…anyone…paying …any…attention – to me?”  “Is there anyone …at all…paying any attention…at all to Me?”

“Do I have to stand on my head, or do some other drastic type of “DANCE” around here, just to get someone’s  attention?”  

“That is,  if someone  with ears, up there can hear and see  ME  –   can any one, with ears to hear, hear  ME, look down here, do not keep pretending, that you can not see  ME –  and that you, “UP THERE”   any good  ole FRIEND to the “cat family.” 

“ME, I am standing here, and I  have my  “BIB”   on, and am “ALL”  ready for some good  “Eats”  if only  someone, who is highly important will you  just give to little ole  “ME”  –  the “Time of DAY”   down here!”   

“I only, am the most “Sophisticated CAT” in this neighborhood, I personally take  special care…that your home is free from all those  hungry  mice  that  I, alone,  am the protector of this household,  I  can see and hear…everything that you are doing – and I know that you are getting ready for “THANKSGIVING”  so, if  there are a few  special pieces of that  “OLE BIRD”   that you feel that you will not  be eating, well…look down here, here I am, patiently waiting for a little sample or two or more, THANK YOU,  from the bottom of my HEART!”

“Remember, that  – this  is the one and only  CAT, that protects you from all  of those little ole pest -eee mice  some BIG  and  so small – or even  a MISTER  in between!”      D.V.

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