“If YOU have a BIRTHDAY – this MONTH”

“How would you like  for me, to send this beautiful Birthday Cake to you, no matter where you are  – in the World?

With so many BIRTHDAYS in this month,  so… I thought that I should send out some Birthday Greetings to one and all, and then, remembering,  I do not remember the exact date for each  of the Birthdays girls? 

Now that I am thinking on the front burner, I do not know of any men having a Birthday this month, gruess only girls were born this month?

During the mid 1940’s when we were  active in WWII, and you needed a ration coupon stamp to purchase “SUGAR” as well as so many other important things, my Daddy would  make “Divinity Candy” and “Fudge Candy” to send to our American Soldiers.

My DAD, being  a Chef could make  these candies and my two brothers Denny and Tommy would be sitting around the Kitchen table, watching and waiting for our turn to sample the the candy mixture as it would have to at a certain temperature to then be whipped up  and dropped on the wax paper sheets, each a perfect  piece of candy. Each of us would get our turn to sample a small glob of this candy that was dropped into the cold water – to the perfect hard stage, setting up  so perfectly!

Every flat surface had sheets of WAX paper, for the Divinity to set-up,  till ready to be boxed and labeled and to the Post Office to be sent overSEAS to the  Army, for a special treat.

The reason we were doing this, when my Dad was a young man in the Army, his mother would send  homemade candy  to where he was stationed to share with those men in the SERVICE and they all enjoyed  the boxes of candy that they received.

Since I was the oldest and always like to ask questions, my questions was,  “What did you get, when you were in the Army”

When my DAD had first signed up for the Army, he was a little younger than you were to be to sign up – but times were bad and lots of men signed up as there was no work , and they needed something, there were too  many mouths at home to taken care of. So, for my DAD, a very young man and his first Birthday coming up and not at home, his Mother decided to bake him a “BIRTHDAY CAKE!”

Those were the days when everything was made from scratch, and they had a farm, in OHIO, so they did have all the necessary good ingredients to bake and cook something delicious.  My DAD continued to say,  that this was  a nice large BIRTHDAY CAKE, because of the size of the box that  he did receive, after having  been in the mail  for at least a good month or more.  Evidently he was moved  from one place to another location, and the box with the Birthday Cake, was forwarded to each location.

 By the time, that my DAD received his “BIRTHDAY CAKE” it was no longer in one piece. When he opened the box – and lots of his friends anxious to see what he received, all standing around, were amazed  to see several layers of wrapping paper all around  a ball of several layers of wax paper all around and covering  a newly broken up cake?

Since the cake was so well wrapped up and secure in the wax paper – most of the  young men in his unit decided to taste the cake – as this was the first time any of them had heard of any one sending a “BIRTHDAY CAKE” through the MAIL System – and my DAD said, “It was  so well preserved and tasted good, even though it was broken up!”

“Wishing everyone a very “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and many more…Best of WISHES  – and may the Almighty Yahweh  continue to bless you – with more blessings,   than you  would have been ever expecting!”       D.V.

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