“Three Cheers For the Biggest Thanksgiving Turkey”

“Just looking,  and all   that one can think  is,  When do we start eating?”

Just looking  at this fine Turkey, I am hoping that everyone will have such a nice tender Turkey dinner with all of their Family and Friends  and be Blessed  by the Almighty Yahweh with  an abundance of those things that they need, as we will be entering into the New Year 2020!

2020 is just around the corner, NOW and I am wondering if everyone is ready for what this  NEW YEAR will be bringing in?  This current year has been an upside-down year. Seems that everyone wants things going their way – and if not their way – they seem to be adamant proving you to be wrong in the way  that you think, talk ,teach and preach!

2019 has been rough for everyone as there is no straight and narrow road to travel, since there are more roads that seem to take you nowhere, but to a dead end! There is no right way to do anything since the person next to you wants it done their way, according to them that is the right way. Now no one can do anything right?

A hundred years ago, as I remember – We had nice heavy duty furniture ready to last hundreds  of years. The lady of the house would make doilies and hand crochet  items for every fine piece of furniture in the house, something like this photo.

Do you remember seeing such nice  items on furniture  in your home  or maybe in your friends’ home?  When I was very young, we were busy making all kinds of nice items for the entire  house, all throughout you would see doilies on dressers, bed stands the end tables  and beside any large piece of furniture.

Everywhere you looked, it was a beautiful site to see and admire, but you were afraid to touch and or use!

It seems that a family moves every six to seven years and to have a house look beautiful like the days gone by – is now impossible. It is too much work and no one to take care  and make sure that there is no rough-housing to destroy such masterpieces of creative work, since we did hope they would last forever?

Within the next years coming, there does not seem to be the time to  do the creative work as once done – as everyone in the household is working and meals are no longer prepared as for those designated times as they once were. There is  too much rush put into doing everything, hardly time to think.

So, for this extra special week that we celebrate THANKSGIVING, let us slow down and start enjoying our FAMILY and FRIENDS – paying more attention to that which is the most important thing in our LIFE  with those we LOVE!

Let us all take some special time with those we LOVE because we do not know if there will a tomorrow to celebrate with them as we should – it is NOW or never. I sure do not want to hear those words…”I wish that I did this or that – I should have – I could have – I just forgot to take the time – for those that are most important to  me – and now I am so sorry!”    D.V.

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