“The very BEST BAKERY to Work IN”

This is  the BAKERY at the German St. Vincent Orphanage!

At this time of the year, the week of  THANKSGIVING  one does start to remember some of the things  that were done , when as a child.

In the above photo, that is one of the very best of  NUNS that were at the Orphanage.  That is Sister  Augustella handing out something sweet to eat at  Recess time to those children, which were at that time, years ago, all younger than me. 

 This photo was taken for the Anniversary Book, to show that there was a very nice “BAKERY” and one of  the very best of  “NUNs” as proved by,  the number of girls that would want to work for her, even when it was their free time.

I may have been in the third or fourth grades when I was first sent to the BAKERY to pick up  a tray filled with the “Jelly Bread” for Breakfast on the Girl’s side Dining Room. Being on the nosy side, I did look all around and did  ask a couple of questions and before you know it, I was then asked, “Do you want to come back later, when you are finished doing your other work, to do some work here?” … “I’ll be right back?”

Saturdays were the best days to work in the Bakery, I was surprised to be invited to have a cup of coffee  with some pastry with the other girls older than myself that were also working. There was a job for you to do, and everyone was always busy doing something, as Sister Augustella would show you exactly how it was to be done!  Sister worked with you just as long as it took, till you got the hang of doing what she was teaching you to do.

I did my fair share of cleaning pots and pans  of which some really needing some tough scrubbing, and then preparing for the next “BAKE” each needed to greased properly. You might say that I  now am still doing all of these same things, getting ready for those special treats that I will be baking for “THANKSGIVING”  and for other special occasions!

When you are young, that is the time to be inquisitive enough to ask questions about doing those things that look interesting, because you never know – just maybe, some fifty or more years later in your LIFE – you just may be doing  those projects that  did require that you have been at least taught something about how they are to be done – and done correctly.

Throughout the years that I was at the Orphanage,  and working for Sister Augustella, they were the best of the working assignments – it was volunteer  and most enjoyable. Even when you had free time and there was no BAKING going on, you were still welcome to come and sit in the back room with Sister and some of the other girls – just talking about everything and in learning from the conversation about what others were thinking and planning  on doing when they left  here – to go home to be with their  parents.

“Today, I guess that I could safely say – that everything that I needed to know  now – I did learn in the very first years of my early LIFE!”  “Thanks be to the Almighty, for the early lessons  in my  younger  days!”    D.V.

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