“Do DREAMS Have a Meaning or NOT”

It was just about that time in the evening when we should be going  to bed, when I took a look out the window and saw a car pulling  up in front of our house. I did not see anyone getting out of the car and saw no one walking on the sidewalk?  Started thinking that maybe I had missed something,  so I started retracing my steps and was checking to see if I had missed someone or something happening outside.

This picture of ME, standing at the front outside corner of our old house that we lived in at least a hundred years ago, is the house that I am talking about

Some times when we are thinking about those times that we have forgotten about so long ago, and I know that everything is changed and not at all the same, no matter what, but… that there must at least be some old unfinished business to remember, but how, what  and where do we go to get that  totally unknown event or matter  updated and resolved today?

Over a period of time, and a long time at that, some miniscule thing may have had a long enough time to grow and or even  develop enough to where that NOW a message is starting to come  into a necessary message that, I must take a second look at… just to see and determine if it is  that time to forgive and forget, or if that something is more serious  and it is necessary to take a  more drastic  action  or what am I not seeing and understanding   to do at this time?

I went to the front door and opened it, and to my surprise, there my MOTHER was standing with a large box in her arms. I did not hear the doorbell ring and heard no knock, and she must have been standing there for a few minutes. I know that she does drive a car as she never did that I know of, and I could not believe that if was  her and ME  standing at the front door?

I must have rolled over in my bed, at that point…I am waking up as it is the first of December, and now I do not know what to do … should I try to get reconnected in my DREAM… to see where this is going… or what?

I am half asleep and just  not really ready to get up and out of bed, and at the same time thinking   and wondering what and why and what is next to happen  – I am at the door with my MOM  and holding this doll and the BRAIN does not want to cooperate in going back to sleep.

So NOW… it looks like I may have to think about this DREAM a little more today and maybe when I go to bed tonight… I will be  able to pick up where I left off… and see where and what is the full meaning of this  sweet DREAM?       D.V.

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