“A # One Big BIRTHDAY Coming UP”

This is a very extra  special PHOTO of  “BABY AL”  with  “big brother LEE Jr.!”   This PHOTO  took  “first place” in the hearts of all the FAMILY.

Sent this PHOTO to our  “Aunt Irene Riley”  and she had it blown  up and passed  copies on to everyone. She thought this PHOTO  was  “TOP of the HEAP”  just to look at it and  start thinking,  what were the thoughts of  “Big LEE” and  “baby AL”  as he is  holding his  “ear” to hear, looking  so attentive  to hear all that his  “BIG BROTHER” has to say.


Lee 3 001Same table, but since we have guests,  little LEE Jr.,  the BIRTHDAY BOY is  now  at the head of the table and still so young, as we are  having  relatives, so that we did  have to lengthen the table to accommodate, all the extra   family   as they came  bearing gifts  and then for the very young children, you do have to  make a big production of the  “BIG BIRTHDAY”  which is just for them, and so that they will remember for always, otherwise  “HOW” does a small child know …  that this  once a year big “HOLIDAY Celebration”  is to  help them  to know  that we are doing everything that we can… to make this… their very “OWN” and extra  “special” day?

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY”  to  Lee Jr.  and many  many more…!”

P.S. “One more  time… just  for you to grow on!”

“Just remember… he  and or she that does not sing along – does not receive some cake and ice cream… and  so…let’s hear it again, nice and loud so that they can hear it all the way down to Grand Avenue!     D.V.

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