“Big Birthday Greetings to Al and Alyssa”

“Happy Birthday Al and Alyssa – Dad and Daughter”



Sure  HAPPY to see   “HAPPY FACES’ on some of my very favorite people –  and that we are  now  and,  all of us,   will always  be as  “HAPPY”  to be celebrating with  a good  getting together – even when,  it is not our “BIRTHDAYS” – as,  all of the rest of the FAMILY   would  –  just LOVE to join in,  on the being  extra “HAPPY” – too!

“You did see  “LITTLE ALYSSA”  sitting at this very same office desk  and even as those  years  have gone by… “LITTLE ALYSSA”  is  now, just a little  bit older here… but,  as you can see “ALYSSA”   does continue to keep a very tidy and clean desk  making sure  that she  has her paper and pencils handy and  ready  for some quick  questions,   from  those customers  calling on the Telephone  and or just as  one or   more customers and Pilots,  will walk in those doors  with more questions wanting information on materials and or current maps and locations for what is available in town, and  even with a Question like…”Can you tell me how to find a special friend and have them pick me up?

Everyone new to our area…has to know right now… answers to a yardstick length of paper just filled with questions … and thinking that I am that wonderful person that knows the correct answer…  will start down their list…  with a lot of questions…  and or,  wanting some  kind of extra  special information… that  our  wonderful “Alyssa”  is always so good and helpful with finding  on the computer… those answers that they need to make their “AIR” travel easier…  and if you are taking notice of the name “Alyssa” –  TODAY  – “Alyssa” is that name  that is busy all day long… always giving  out lots of  extra friendly  and  helpful answers to one and  to all!”    xoxo

“With each and every “BIRTHDAY”   it  just seems best, to continue with the   “POWER”  of that  “Prayer that our Almighty Creator” has taught us… to call  on HIM…  to ask for  HIS extra special   BLESSINGS  for those… that We LOVE,  and  for those that want for me to always remember their special needs and requests… since we all have  needs… and for me to ask the one and only  Elohim… for those extra BLESSINGS that  we all  need  and will  for sure receive… if we but only, will take the time to ask HIM!”         D.V.

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