“For “TWO” a Birthday Party Every Day”

When…  “TWO” (Father and Daughter) in the Family have a Birthday on the very same DAY, the Ninth…we must gather at our favorite places to celebrate… and since we have memories of celebrating in the past at so many  restaurants where we have enjoyed  the people and their services… since at some of these  places… what makes for you to be a return customer… they also take care of all our needs as we all enjoy the evening together… so then for this week, we must all gather together… several days this week…just to make more memorable memories… to last all of us a HAPPY  LIFE…time!

When you take a look at this  part of the FAMILY… can you tell me how many generations you can see?

Without saying a word about this place… You can see the happy faces and  lots of Love and good energy… so you know  NOW, that we will be here more times in the future as we have been so many times in the past.

This  is one of those friendly places… where  you can bring  gifts and games for the “Party Guests” to be enjoying all the while and in the  between servings of the different courses of the meal… as each guest has a variety of likes and  dislikes… each can have their meal prepared just the way they prefer… that is what always makes for an enjoyable and  FUN Party… each  guest has what they like and all guests are enjoying the exchange of what is new, good and different… so then, for the next  most important date  to appear on the calendar this year…  we will arrange  time…  for  a bigger and even more FUN and HAPPY  Flavor  of new activities…  so the next  get together will be even more FUN!

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