“Am I Still in Heaven or Earth”

This “DREAM” is soooooooo GOOD……..

this… “dream” IS SO GOOD”…  I have very happy feelings…  I just hope everyone will see that I am fine and  that they… may  just  keep on going on to the next “NEW” baby that decided to  arrive at the  same or almost same time… that I would make my extra special entrance… into this whole and big  new world!

Was just wondering if everyone knows… that a newborn baby will continue growing in size and weight and from that which I was programed to know… is that newborn babies have a brand new brain that is starting to record  all that I hear… even when it looks like I am sleeping… the voices that I hear are recording information for me to use some time in the future.

Seems that I have a good ear for “MUSIC”… it comes in so nice and clear and some of the words that I am hearing… just  seem to be singing my name, “RUBY”… so I am guessing that my new home will include others… that will like MUSIC… as much as I do~

Have to just post “RUBY” – – the favorite song of those that like my name “RUBY”… to sing along with… listen to… and just  get those feet moving fast  and at least a foot up and off the ground!

Have FUN with me in your arms… listen to the music and dance around… singing my name,  “RUBY”… be sure that I can see  your smiling eyes  and that your sweet voice is the music to my ears… that DREAMS are made of!     D.V.

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