“Remember about TIME and the TIDE”

When you have a few minutes to just sit back and think about the good ole days… do some of the things you think about bring you back to when you were in grade school?

Just the other day I was talking to someone about writing stories in the seventh and eighth grades and in our classroom… the  eighth grade class sat in the seats on the left side of the room where the windows were facing the side of the classroom, the side that you could look from your seat, and  would be able  to view that which  was happening on the road in front of the building…. “Causing you to daydream at various times of the day”

At various times and for different subjects of study, we were requested to write a story regarding the subject to see if we did retain some of what we were to learn. This was very easy for me to do… as I did like to make up a story about the way I felt things should go  and could write lots of words that made sense to me, but… sometimes I  would not be too sure that someone else would see things …the same way I would.

My Mother would tell us kids about  the work that DADDY would do  and sometimes… she added some line  like, “The MAIL must go through…neither Snow nor Rain will keep this carrier  from getting the MAIL delivered!”  That is not exactly the correct way that line goes, but at my age I do not remember it correctly, but you get the idea! That story that I wrote… way back then… I did get a high grade… I was satisfied, as I did know what I was talking about then.

Another line that I heard so often and maybe it was meant for me personally to get a move on and get something done. The “NUNS” also had  a full list of  suitable phrases that were meant to  do something… just in case you did not understand “ENGLISH” you would understand when your ears were “boxed”  around a couple of times and you heard… “LOUD and CLEAR”…  “Time and Tide wait for no Man”  and followed with… get a move on and in a hurry!

So now… just this message today… which made me think back about hearing this at least a million times so far… and was remembering that… when I was in “HIGH SCHOOL”  and in my classes there… also received a high grade for using this phrase and putting a good story with it!

When children hear words and phrases that may make sense or that have a special “ring” to their ears…  these little tidbits just find a special place in the brain… always ready to be pulled up at a moment in time and spotted off… just as they did … the first time, that they were introduced to them!

Everyone will remember the first time… that they were  introduced to a word  and or a special way to learn how to remember the correct way to spell that word – as that is what is happening in my brain right now!    ***** “Just so  that I do not forget… the word is  “business” and that was  way back in the third and fourth grades, Sister Florence was that teacher.”

Now … for a final word  about “TIME and TIDE” just ran across this  little message  regarding “TIME” as it seems there are so many people today… that have no idea that there is no “TIME” to be wasted! Once a day goes by… it is gone, just no redoing until you get it done correctly… as the saying…  “TIME FLIES” and you are getting older and never ever to have that spent time to re-use!

Never to forget that “TIME” is worth millions … but only if you use it well… something like that verse in the BIBLE… “WELL done good and faithful  friend… you exceeded that which was given to you… and now those TEN shares will be doubled for you.”  “Must always use the gifts we are given  to the fullest” … for that time in the future… we will understand about having done  the best we can… with the “TIME” allotted for each of us!     D.V.

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