“Songs… Favorites…Have not heard in awhile”

and…  the words…

Blues in the Night (My Mama Done Told Me)
My mama done tol’ me, when I was in pig tails
My mama done tol’ me,
” Child a man’ll sweet talk”
And give ya the big eye,
But when the sweet talkin’s done
A man is a two-face,
A worrisome thing
Who’ll leave ya to sing the blues in the night
Now the rain’s a-fallin’,
Hear the train’s a-callin,
(My mama done tol’ me)
Hear dat lonesome whistle blowin’
‘Cross the trestle,
(My mama done tol’ me)
A-whooee-ah-whooee ol’ clickety-clack’s a-echoin’ back th’ blues in the night.
The evenin’ breeze’ll start the trees to cryin’ and the moon’ll hide its light
When you get the blues in the night
Take my word, the mockingbird’ll sing
The saddest kind o’ song,
and I always need… only… five minutes more…

and then…

and… one of my MOM’s favorites…

and… just one more of my favorites… could dance all night too…

“If only my feet would cooperate with me – -when I want them to pick me  up and move around the floor  – just like I used to do!

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