First School Picture!

1944 ME 0011944  –  On my way home from school  –  Perpetual Help School on Linton Avenue, St.Louis, Missouri.

I may have  been in  “First Grade”   and  someone with  a camera all set up  –  stopping some of the school kids and asking if they would like to have their  “picture”  taken  “FREE” to give to their parents?  “Mary Ellen McClarren”

Did I really understand  “FREE”  for your parents?  NO!  I must have given my address and some time later  I’m guessing some one was at our house with  the above picture. There must have been a fee, as nothing in this world  is really  “FREE!”

This is the only picture in my life time that I had been position in just a so-so pose . You can tell by looking at my hand and fingers!  And take a  look at the scarf – just so perfect in side coat.  You know  “KIDS”  coming home  from school have been running and playing and their clothes  are not button and arranged  “Picture Perfect!”

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