“Happy Birthday to Gail…Lucky 13th of May”

Remember this day…

and… We the eighth graders are posing for a photo and… it seems to be a day just like today…rain all night and day… as one can see by looking out those windows.

We were supposed to be learning all about “COOKING” and I do not remember a good class … that we had ever made anything to eat.

“Do you remember everybody… I see you right there next to Elma … do you know where I am?”

and… This is a good photo of you… I just now… was trying to remember who took this picture of us? Guess we should have taken a couple of more pictures and had a variety of us on them… so as to be able to know…some hundred years later…who was who… and with their name!

“Do you remember this day…and where you are standing on this photo?”

I know that I am in the back row…as I could see myself…when I could see better. As soon as I can get to the “Eye Doctor” will have a better pair of glasses and will make a list of “Who is Who” and where to find them.

Just some good old time memories… and do you remember what “Sister Michael” used to say to the two us… since we always had so much to say…when we were told to stop talking and suppose to keep our mouths shut, “The two of you will still be talking… forty years after you are dead and buried!”

“Guess that I …still have too much silly stuff to say to someone… and so I will just keep writing … since you and or someone are not here … for me to talk, too!”

“Have the best Birthday and celebrate all week… that  is my  recommendation to getting used to getting one year older… do it slowly!” xoxo

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