“Another Extra Special Story for My Readers”

by Lee Aldrich Jr.

A couple of years ago I was a trucker and I just got unloaded down in Texas, and I was heading South on Highway 30 to San Antonio to pick up a reload. It was late at night and I heard my trailer tire blow. So I got my big truck on the shoulder before I left road gator all over the highway. I grabbed my phone to call for help, but I didn’t have a signal. So I tried to call out on my CB, “Breaker-Breaker, driver with flat need help, come in, come in!” No answer.

My truck radio was on an AM station and I heard a preacher talking and he said, “Up in heaven the creator would listen to, and preach.” That got my attention. He said there was an angel named Raphael that wanted to be a cowboy, after Davie Crocket went to heaven and told Raphael about Texas and the Alamo.

Then the preacher said, “Those cowboys at the Alamo really needed help,” and then he said, “people today need help, or they need to be saved.” He said he’s heard it many times, more times than he could count.

People holler out for God, or pray to God for help, and then they say nothing happens. Or they holler out for Jesus, or pray to Jesus to be saved, and then they say nothing happens.

Well the preacher says the problem is they just don’t know the truth. And the truth is, if you need help pray to Yahweh, this is the creator’s name. If you want to be saved, holler out or, pray to Yeshua that’s the savior’s name.

I thought for a minute and said to myself, “What do I have to lose.” So I hollered out, “Hey Yahweh, I’m a trucker and my trailer has a flat, I need help!” About two minutes go by, and then I hear this loud air-horn go off right behind me. It scared the beans out of me!

I looked into my rearview mirror and there’s a tow-truck behind me. And I got out of my big rig and started walking to the tow-truck. A good ole boy mechanic jumped out of the tow-truck and says, “Hey driver my name is Raphael, do you need some help?” I said, “Sure, I got a flat on my trailer.” He said, “I can have it fixed in thirty minutes.” Then I said, “How much will it cost?” and he said, “Tonight is free.” Thirty minutes later it was fixed and I was on my way.

Now anytime I’m in Texas driving around San Antonio, I put my radio on that AM station, the one they listen to up in Heaven.

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