“We have a KING in the Family”

There is nothing like receiving an old PHOTO of FAMILY… as it brings back some really good old time memories.

I just received this old PHOTO from Grandson, Alan, and had to put my thinking CAP on! Sometimes that is a real chore when twenty or more years have passed on and some of the people have moved out of STATE and you almost forget what you all did when they were little tots!

Our favorite place for our hair to be cut. Does anyone remember “Jack’s Barber Shop in the Maryland Plaza?”



and… Now looking in the mirror of time past… that is Mary in a very young and good looking shape… taking pictures of her two sons BILLY  on the left and on the right is ALAN! There could be almost two and a half years difference in their ages on this photo, but I have to remember the best memory of all…which took place when “Alan” was only and this is a maybe, just six weeks old

We lived in Fenton, and sometime in August, they had announced in the “St. Louis County News Paper” that they were going to have an event “Contest for the children” for the different ages…  with prizes to be given to the Winners.

So… I told Mary that we could go and see all that was going on… and what it would take to enter little Billy and newborn baby, Alan… and just enjoy some FUN time in the PARK with the other families.

We were lucky to find the correct location…a Pavillion where the Judges were… and some room on one of the picnic tables… and Mary filled out the paperwork for each child…we thought we may as well enter both for the age group that they would qualify for.

So as we were watching each child go to the table to which the Judges were sitting… and for them to determine which child would be Winner material… I noticed that each child got to that table and did not know what they should do.

So I took our young Billy and with my right hand… I raised my right hand…high above my face and head… and extending my hand to the right… and saying to Billy… say… “MY name is Billy” … “How are you?”

Then I took Billy and turned him facing toward the head of the area where the Judges were… softly whispering in his ear… and moving his right hand and arm… so that he could do it… with some practice all by himself!

Several of the little children…just stood there … where their Mothers put them…some just sat down and or cried… not having a clue as to what to do.

Now see the following PHOTO and Copy from the FENTON Newspaper.



King  and Queen

King William (Billy) Winchester, Queen  Bethany Bollinger


It’s never too late to be a part and or take part in your Community.

At this year’s Fenton Festival and the attached picture

are… the now reigning  King William and Queen Bethany.


Now… little Billy’s name was called… I told him to start walking up to the “JUDGES” desk… and when you get there… smile real big…raise your arm and hand up high so all can see you moving and say nice and loud… so that I can also hear you say… “MY name is Billy”   and “How are You!”

Everyone was so surprised that one of the children was able to talk and not cry and or sit down… several people taking pictures and of course… they had a reporter for the NEWSPAPER… taking information and photos.

“After all was said and done…I tracked down the Reporter …so that I would know when these photos would publish in the Newspaper. When I did not see them the following week…I called the Newspaper… the Reporter called me and we met. She gave to me several Photos and said that just as soon as they are to be published… that she would contact me.

It was nice to have a KING in the family…that received a silver cup and crown and half a dozen other gifts… all of which makes for good memories…so I recommend…that if and when such an event is to take place in your area…be sure to enter your children… for the Fun and Memories… they last forever!”

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