“Photos from 1961 and or 1962”

“Our Offical BED Tester”

and NOW…   There does come a time in the LIFE  of a FAMILY…when there will be a change in… “who will sleep here” and then…  who do we give this smaller bed to?

Looks like…”LUCKY LEE” will be giving his nice and old “BABY BED” to our expecting “BABY”… which will be here…any day Now! We did know that the Doctor said to expect after the first of the year… and when the “FIRST BABY for 1962” was announced on TV… just thought that I may as well start hoping and wishing for a good day… a day that would have lots of meaning for us.

So being as big as a house… just went about living these last couple of days being very careful and trying not to eat too much… as I was told…  that the Doctor does not like to deliver those babies…  when the MOTHER puts on too much weight.

My big problem was… in the Restaurant business…different COOKS would like for ME to try out something very special that they had made. How then could I turn down… that something specially made for ME?

and…So and now in another bedroom… we had this nice big bed as you can see above… and I wanted to take a photo of my “DOLLS”… nothing to do … but have Donald and Little Lee hold them up… and just look pretty.

The job to do here… my taking all the stuff that I did not want the boys to mess with…and or break… box it up… and store away for a hundred years… and or give to another family with girls.

and… Here is our Little Lee… and with a new-found friend.  Leave it to Little Lee… to find any lost animal in the neighborhood… and bring it home for us to take care.

“Just have to add this Nursery rhyme for children… as “Grandma  GoGo” has a note on the back of this PHOTO!”      “The pussy cat that goes to LONDON to see the Queen.” … 

“Enjoy with the little ones… see if you  also remember the words and song?”

“Like the Eye Doctor will say, “Is this better… or  was the other better?”


Will…have to go through many more …older photos… before there just is not enough ink…to see that which was so special at that point in time … that inspiration to take the pictures… in the first place.

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