Fishing with “DAD”

Lee-Kids 001Fishing with  Dad in Florida!   “Dad’s  birthday is coming up,  August 1 st.” Family Fun is the name of the game! It was very good for  “Lee Sr.”  to have  taken the time to take his boys fishing  –  the time spent  with the family when the kids are young is remembered    –   “forever.”

It was maybe only  three (3) more years  when Lee had a heart attack and did not survive.   That is why I believe that  “One” should make the best of the time  “One”  has   –  so the survivors  will always be able to enjoy the good memories  – as they were made.

I   would  like for everybody to remember   Lee Sr.’s   birthday because he was such a good  and wonderful  “Father”  and his memory will last forever with all of us!

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