Happy Birthday Lee Aldrich, Sr.

Birthday 001Happy Birthday   Lee, Sr.  ( around the table, left to right)  Lee Jr. – Tom –  Donald – Lee Sr.  –  Mrs. Louise  Aldrich  Stanley.   I am taking the picture and  in less than a month  our new addition to the family  will be  –  Al Aldrich.

How do you like the looks of the  “Birthday Cake”   –  that is one of the things I love making   –  nice tall  three-layer cakes!  Everybody should have a special  home-made  cake  –   made with  “LOVE!”   They always taste so much better than the store bought. And the  “Birthday Person”  feels like they really had a wonderful birthday celebration!

Lee’s  “Mother”  on the picture was  around  83 years of age and still going stroung. The kids called  her Grandma LuLu.  She had enough children and was able to travel to  a  different   one’s  home to live,  until she passed away   almost ten years from the date of this photo.

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