“and why would this NAME be better”

“What a Difference a NAME will make in YOUR LIFE”


                                   Remembering… “Stella”

February 11th reminds me of the Conformation  Name  “Bernadette”   that I took after seeing the movie, ‘Song of Bernadette.’ 

In the mid-1940s and in the 3rd and or 4th grade, my friend, Stella M. Santoyo, and classmate took the name, Bernadette, when we were confirmed.

When we were in the German St. Vincent’s Orphanage, and generally, to celebrate a Holiday … a movie would be shown in the auditorium for all the Nuns and Children.

On one such occasion, the movie “Song of Bernadette” was shown. At that time my friend Stella, and I, have really found a real meaning in this particular movie and the life story of Bernadette – just had to take that name.

Everyone that was to be confirmed was reading about the different names of the “Saints”  and trying to find out as much information as possible to see if there were a SAINT name and their story… that would be something special to and for them…to try focusing on for their very own life… something to focus on?

We also, Stella and I  were very good friends,  as I still remember her birth date of June 6th, and her number was #90 and my number was #91, and in the same grade in school.

  We both dressed as  “Indian maidens” in a special parade that we were in,  and if any prizes were to be given out… we would have been “Top Winners”. 

We were both good friends of  “Sister Seraphine” and since she liked us so well, Stella and I got the first choice… when it came time to pick a hat… from all the new hats for Easter.  Some wonderful benefactor who should surely receive lots of extra prayers… of  “Thanks” for that wonderful donation.

I saw the movie, Song of Bernadette,  again,  not too long ago and I really think more people should see it. Every chance that I  can see this movie…  I will be looking for this old movie from the “1940 era… golden oldie’s” on the old re-runs …  there    “I  am” … remembering… why Stella and I decided on this special name of all the names… that all of us girls had available …and from what we saw in the MOVIE… regarding little Bernadette… we were seriously thinking about… and if you watch the MOVIE… you will know why in selecting this NAME  of “Bernadette” … should be so much better — than any other Conformation NAME!     D.V.

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  • Alan says:

    I watched the whole movie and I loved it! They don’t make films like this today. It is extra special knowing this movie inspired your Confirmation name. Mine was Luke, the patron saint of artists. Love you grandma, thank you so much for sharing this!

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