“Safe in the hand of God”

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Church Concert – The Sagrada Familia Expiatory Church in Barcelona, Spain


“Brother Tommy sent this over for all of  us to enjoy”

This song is performed in The Sagrada Familia Expiatory Church in Barcelona, Spain, and is a remarkable performance.

It also gives you a look inside the Church designed by the Famed Architect Antonio Gaudi … look up this church. It is spectacular and has been under construction for almost 125 years.



Wonderful soloist…….

Even more interesting is that the song is being sung in Catalan. This is the language of the “Moors” or Muslims and it is being sung in a Catholic church. Also great to see and hear the bagpipes.

Gaudi’s Masterpiece Cathedral…Sacred, awesome, inspirational & unbelievable!!

Concert held at the Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona, in memory of the victims of terrorism.

“Safe in the hand of God” sung in Catalan; (Amazing Grace) watch/listen to bagpipes entering the church.


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