“Everybody Needs a Hug and a Kiss”

“Brother Tommy sent over a notice… that we all need a HUG and a KISS… so I am posting some things to put  all of us  in the mood … to get busy with the Hugging and the Kissing!”

It must now  be quite some years ago… and lots of people would have a small business size card … which read what you see above.

It seems that some Doctor must have started a trend back then…. to  help people that were not feeling as good as they should  to carry this card and when not feeling up to par… hand this card to someone that will give you that most needed hug!.   That great big HUG… which will help you to have much better HEALTH!

Just remembered that I have a “HUG PHOTO”… as you see  posted in the middle of the above… that is my husband, Lee and ME … when living in Florida… Donny wanted to take our picture as Daddy was going to take a quick nap… before going back to the Restaurant to work… and…  I sure am glad that I have the above photo!

Guess that I should call this photo …my forever lasting hug and kiss… to last for all the rest of my days… as Lee is no longer here on Earth… he is now in Heaven!

All creatures large and small on Earth LOVE a HUG or two…too!

“I guess that is what we should say to the person that we feel that is in need of a very warm hug and kiss!

And for another  point of view!

Prayers never fail…they are so  very powerful and become such a Blessing to all of those…  that are in dire need of them!

“Sometimes we need a poster to tell us the whole story … as we can get so tongue tied, sometimes… we could end up saying the wrong things… and mess up just doing  all that which really  comes naturally!”

We learn and remember so much better when we  have a song or two… so that those words will just so nicely settle into our brain… into  that  which is a very soft spot where  only the “Hugs and Kisses” are  to be remembered…  now and forever.

And this next…  is nice and easy to remember… but here it is for “Mother’s Day”  …but then…

… after you hear it a time or two… you can change the words for Daddy… Brother and  or Sister … and make it … to and for the  personal name…  of the LOVE of YOUR LIFE!              D.V.

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