“Birthday Memories that Last Forever and Ever”


and… Guess that everyone likes this song for some reason or another… but when you have a person in your LIFE… that was the best of people to you and everyone… and then just too soon in LIFE… are taken to the next level of living … the great hereafter… and  there never ever seems to be another person that could take  even a small part of that LIFE  that you had shared with the one and only… all I can say…make the best of memories you can everyday of your LIFE… because those memories will be the substance that will keep you in LOVE with the one and only one for you and that’s forever!

and…When this record came out…I had to buy  it  for Lee…it was the last of the records that I bought  and still have… as Lee passed away some time after this… just something about the words and music that we both just had special feelings for… and always brings back real good memories of those … days so long ago!

and… This is that special song that Lee would sing to me… his voice was terrific… Dean Martin sounds like Lee when singing and with a terrific voice… all I could do was to sit back and dream.

Lee and good friend, Ron who also worked  a shift of cooking at our restaurant… just have to take some time off… to do what is more FUN… hitting avery small ball as far as you can… then walking a mile and a half just to  maybe find that poor ole ball… and then to do  all that again and  again!  (What a day of good ole Fun?)

So just for extra FUN… I decided to tag along one day… just glad that I took my camera along.

As you can see in the above Photo… the best part of a game of Golf… is just taking some time out to rest… and let someone else work hard  just trying to get a good photo of  two grown men having lots of FUN… just taking a forty whacks at a very nice  little ole ball!

“Just so you you all know… the Birthday Cake and Ice Cream are ready to be served… come and get it NOW!”

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