“Our Big Excitement Fifty-Three Years Ago”


Did You See Dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs 0011967 Dinosaurs come to South  St.Louis County!  

At the time we lived in this area… I remember a Bank, Grocery Store and Famous Barr Department store in the  corner of South Lindbergh and Lemay Ferry Roads.

Today everything has just simply expanded so much so that this area is highly congested in the Fall of the year…  trying to accomodate all of the people that find … this to be the best shopping area.

This section brings in more money than any other area of St.Louis County! …  That’s because this area welcomed the Dinosaurs!

******* Tallest Man*******

Tallest Man 001Tallest Man in 1967.  

 That is Al Aldrich and Lee Aldrich standing next to the  “Tallest Man”   and … recently,  Al said  that  he remembered this visit and everything we were doing this day!

This is the same year their father died,  and I did try to be  “Father and Mother” and everything else…  just to make up for  no longer having their  “DAD” … someone that they loved and were missing.

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