“We Must Keep up OUR Daily Exercise”

Do you believe that daily exercise is needed… each and every day?

Just some of my examples of where your daily exercise will come in handy… just when you will need it!

In the above photo you see me… notice the date on that photo.

On January 9th my son,  “Al”  was born… while we were living in Florida. Even though it may be nice and Sunny almost everyday of the year… you find that there is work daily to  be done… as you can see my son, “Lee jr.” is in the vehicle and we were in the Restaurant business… so I had plenty to do… always and without fail.

This is the Jordan Marsh store… needed to pick  up a few items… that I might need before going the hospital… any day… as you can see I am so big… almost big enough to have twins… and twins…  do run in our family!

This is when you live in the NORTH… and the snow will for sure come no matter what.

Not the best day…  to be taking pictures… due to  weather … but when someone has a camera and yells… “Look this WAY!”  This is what you get… it is not too bad… guess that in a hundred years or so… this just may win  a prize… just for being able to do that which…you are told… right there on the spot!

Across the street….I believe their last name started with the letter (R)…they  also own the property next to them  and  the corner property opposite them and rented it out to  a “Hardware Store” that had some of their  heavy duty  equipment and merchandise … too big for inside of the store…  but to be seen  on that lot… next to the house, across the street from us.

In the  downstair “flat”  next to the family across the street… that family living downstairs had a girl about my age…in 1945 or  1946 and I was invited to her Birthday Party.

Never before was I invited to a  neighbor’s Birthday Party… and this was a very last minute invite… and my Dad thought that I should take a gift of some kind.

So he went to the corner store and bought one of those large “Hershey Bar with Nuts”… a larger size than they sell today… wrapped it up and  I was in their home for a good part of that day.

They played games and did the “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”  and drop  “Clothespins  in the Milk bottle”  games and we  all sang and had cake and ice cream, but in all that we did …I never received a prize.

Others  did  receive prizes … but I never did and always remembered  … why not me?

When I was married and  we had children, and we began to have Birthday Parties… I had gifts for each child… we played games and each game played had prizes…I just never ever wanted a child to leave my home without a prize/gift… in fact… as I remember… each of the children went home with  more things than they could have ever expected to take home.

When it came  to getting a Birthday Party list of children to come to a party… some of my sons’ friends would let me know… “Don’t forget… that I want to come to your son’s  PARTY!”

“Party Time coming right around …  and about…  NOW”

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