“As We AGE… Bigger Toys are NEEDED”

Just wait and see… when that magical day arrives in your LIFE… what will you be looking for… that will make the riding high and wide… the most enjoyable Fun for you and the family?

“Let’s take a shot of this fine looking red top of the line  of get up and go machines… that will be able to take me on that DREAM tour of everything important to see… when LIFE   begins to tell you… DREAMS do come true!”

“I can hardly believe that this is me… considering  really having a first class  touring bike that will be FUN in every direction that,  I  am making  extra special plans  for…  the next few months… to just have FUN!”

“Choices and more choices… always more ideas with the family just seem to pop up… and  all at the same time time… that  may mean, that I might try to plan on trying something that I had never thought, that I would do!”

Seeing is believing… that’s right… that is our own Miss Alyssa, herself… all gear up and ready to give me some lessons in flying the Helicopter… with dreams of us doing some Cross Country Flying… as that is what really gets  you to where you want to be… NOW!

There is always the how and when of doing things…  but the when can we do it and how long do we wait… for it to be now?

Different types of things have to take place long before…  our  really doing … sometimes  a whole lot of pre-planning … with so much prep work  if you want to be doing things  correctly  and also right away.

So before doing anything at all… sit down take a breather—timeout period…  and start thinking of what you can and can not do… then proceed very carefully .

It is all a very good idea… if you can learn to fly … first and all of those important task  that you know are required being careful  to FLY RIGHT!

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