“What was OLD…Is almost NEW…TODAY”

“Starting Saturday out Early with – The Complete Story”

From the “The Complete Story”  a program that I listen to – on radio 91.5 fm  the”Father and Son” on the   “Join… Dick Bott founder of Bott Radio Network”  

The program started out with this song,  “When You Were Sweet 16″ …  by The Mills Brothers.

So, just  to  hear the  “Mill Brothers”  singing, took me back to the days when I was just a  very young girl – and really enjoyed listening to this song – and I do believe that I just may have some of their old records!

Carrol Roberson has a terrific voice and his music  is “Top Chart”  with me and I would guess with anyone that wants to hear good music.

Be sure to check him out and listen – you will want more of his songs – as they did play a new release, “Praise the Lord”  which you will want to buy – as it is so good!

Before and between the music the “Father and Son” Botts were talking about several things  and since everything was so good – all I could think of –  “I have to get to the computer and pass on the terrific music and the next item. 

“Paul Harvey” is another personality, that I like – and I am guessing, if you are old enough – “You will like him, too!” 

“Mr. Bott” always brings  on something  “old”… for all to hear, just because…  it is so up to date – that which we may have heard in the past – and, of course have  now forgotten – but this next item – just got my ears turned on!

“It is…  “SO”  for TODAY”… if ever,  I heard anything…  so right on!

Sit back  now,  and listen – if this isn’t so right on – let me know? 

We have been hearing things that  we may have just dismissed in the past… but the TIMES of TODAY are all…  just so falling  right into place… like never ever… before!

Sometimes, when you start to get old enough, and you have stored away in our old brain… bits and pieces of things long gone by… they tend to start adding up to something… that just might be right around the corner?

“What do you think?

YOU can…  Let me know what you think… anytime?”

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