“The World Needs More Angels NOW… Today”

“Mama has three Angels”

This is May of 1946… only seventy-four  years ago and this  is what…  we three “Angels” looked like!

Just looking back at this old PHOTO… It almost seems … that the way we are looking then… is how “Angels” would look,  just standing still.

Do not think of anything at all… because,  TODAY – You three children belong to the Almighty Creator, your Heavenly Father and He will  guide you on the road that you are to take… if you will but… just  listen to HIS directions… from this day,  till the day that HE calls you HOME…  to be with HIM for all eternity! 

From the left is DENNY, Jr., Mary Ellen, Tommy and we are standing in front of the  “Lady of Lourdes, Grotto on the west side of the German St. Vincent Orphanage…  after having just made our “First Communion” with several other children in the First and Second Grades of School.

 This was a “Visiting Sunday” and our Parents were here for all of this… and since this was all “NEW”  to us three, we were just statutes standing still and not moving,  until told  what and where  and how to do whatever…  as  this is probably, the one  and only day of the year… we spoke very little…  listen… and did exactly as we were  directed to do!

My Parents did not know to bring a camera for this Visiting Day… and just by “LUCK”  some other Parents that  did have cameras…  were willing to take extra PHOTOS and send to my parents these wonderful PHOTOS!

If we were not standing in front of the “Saint Bernadette, statute” … you would have seen  something     like the above…  but, not in color,  as far back in 1946… 

I do not believe that they had color photos… partly due to WWII … as everything necessary went to the WAR effort to WIN.

Some may have had color photos… but I never saw any. At least not with the camera that my Parents had.

When the next year came around,  we were dressed similar to the above PHOTOS…  all in white again and this was for the “Confirmation Ceremony”.

Before this  “Conformation” we were all reading and learning about different “SAINTS” …  so as to pick a name for ourselves… a Saint that had done something that would influence our future lives in a similar way and watch over us…  if the Almighty thought that was necessary?

For one of the “HOLIDAYS” prior to the “CONFORMATION” we saw the “movie” called “Song of Bernadette” and that was really some story and LIFE for little  “BERNADETTE” …  a real struggle but,  she made it to  “Sainthood”  and my Mother even  purchased   that  book…  but, since I  had seen the movie…  hate to say  it, but…  “I  just never  took  the time, to read the book!”

My  classmate, “Stella Santoyo” and my self,  were the only two  girls,  that took the Conformation name of “Bernadette!”

Since this was about  us little  “Angels” …  just thought for  some  future  reference …  at least for myself , would have something about real “Angels” …  see below.   D.V.



Seven angels or archangels are given… as related to the seven days of the week:

Michael (Sunday), Gabriel (Monday), Raphael (Tuesday), Uriel (Wednesday), Selaphiel (Thursday), Raguel or Jegudiel (Friday), and Barachiel (Saturday)

What are the nine orders of angels?
First Sphere
  • Seraphim.
  • Cherubim.
  • Thrones.
  • Dominions or Lordships.
  • Virtues or Strongholds.
  • Powers or Authorities.
  • Principalities or Rulers.
  • Archangels.

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“Thanks for reading and sending  to us… your additional  information!”

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