“MOMma to be “120” on the 25th”

“No. 1 MOMMA!”


My “MOTHER” was  and is for always…  “A- #1” … all the way! This picture is of me as a new baby and the first of six children.

Being the first  child was a “LUCKY” position to be in…  that is…  in the birth-order as I have read,  so many years ago,  but as I saw and heard lots of stuff in  just our family, some  things  happening… that made me very sad  to learn and then  having  to realize… that “MOTHER-HOOD” is very difficult  for some  Mothers, something which is  very tough for many young Mothers,  especially … if you just  happen to be married to the wrong type of  a husband. 

When all is said and done … here on earth, I am  very  grateful and “Thankful” …  that I received my “Mother” to be my extra special  and most  Wonderful of all Mothers… “MY MOTHER” Marie Brady-McClarren!


My wish for Almighty Yahweh is…  to bless all those women that will become “MOTHERS” … to be the very  best “MOTHERS”  that they can be…  and that  all of their children will always  and forever … remember to “LOVE their “MOTHER” the mostest!”

When all is said and done here on EARTH… we each  start out from scratch and have to learn from our parents… all about LIFE from what our parents had to learn from their parents… and as you and everyone does know… we are all so different in the way that we learn… and not all of us learn everything as well as we should!

So… here I am  remembering that “MOM’ will be the big “120”  and on the “25th” day of this month… just Lucky that I am here to remember all of our good times and events of all those years long past… and then…  that in the not too far away times to come… we will all be celebrating even more and better times… where all things that happen will be on a much grander scale than we could ever think possible!

The big  day is a coming… what  you might say… right around the corner!

“Love and Blessings to the best of all MOM’s!”    D.V.

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