“Learning to Drive the Vehicle You Bought”

There does come a day in your LIFE Time, that you do want to learn to DRIVE the vehicle… that you just purchased!

 When I found this next PHOTO of  my Mother in an old box of photos, that no one looked at for years… as I was now in High School and was very nosy…  and always  a very curious nosy type …checking out old boxes of stuff in closets… as I was tall and could reach further than my Mother… and so curious of  what and why some stuff was never look for or at… on those higher shelves?

My Mother told me that these new vehicles were at this location near where she was going and decided to take a look at them…

This was in the 1930’s and this “Salesman” talk her into buying this vehicle. She said she did not know how to drive… so he gave her  some instructions  for about an hour… driving in and or  around the area  of Natural Bridge…  and it  did seem that she got the hang of it.

So “MOM” knew the streets and decided to  head for  home… somewhere along the way… something happened and the vehicle stopped and she did not know what to do. She called home to have my DAD come and get her… and so this photo was taken at the time!

This where we lived.

All of the streets leaving this subdivision, where we lived were hills… leading up to Natural Bridge and if you did not know how to drive up a steep hill… you just could not get the vehicle up and out to get to town.

Something that I remember so well… as I Was just old enough to get scared of something happening… and of course that would stay with you forever!

On this particular day… a nice Sunny day… all three of us … Tommy and Denny and ME were put in the backseat of the vehicle… and told to be good and quite and not say anything to disturb my Dad from giving my MOM some driving lessons.

Evidently MOM was driving up and down the street that we lived on… and I guess she was getting the idea that she had a  “good feel”  for the next step… to try to go up one of these hills and get to Natural Bridge and  then into Saint Louis … to see and visit with the family.

“This is the part that I remember so well… just as if … it was happening right NOW!  MOM is making a left turn to go up this hill… and as you usually go slow making turns… you do have to have the speed to move the vehicle up a hill…lots of speed!”

Well… not enough speed… we are now going backwards…down the hill… and I do not know… if this was an automatic vehicle, or a vehicle that you would need to shift? Naturally we kids in the back seat start to cry and not knowing what to say… we are scared that something terrible is going to happen!

Some how or the other … we were back in the middle of the street that we live on…MOM did not quit… she was going to do this… if at all possible and so …we all get set for another try.   For some reason or the other… no more tries to drive this vehicle… in fact never ever again … and not a word about it

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