“Just One More Day …Then We Sing”

Just have to start out with this Photo  of my “Mother” when she was…  but a young child. Since she is so nicely dressed  in what does look like a “PARTY DRESS” and also photographed … and also the “thirteenth” child… and there were not to be any more children…  as some of the elder brothers were married, and having children… so  may as well start celebrating with some photos as remembrances!

As I look at this Photo… I recognize  some of the very same features in  the generations that have been born … and it is good to see familiar  features and abilities that pass on to the next generation in hopes that all are as smart  and well talented as the past generation and continue on down the lines.

That is “MARIE Brady” at the age of thirteen… standing on the right. Looks like a day spent at one of the cousins home to do some extra “BAKING”… as in those days the young girls were learning to make all kinds of good foods from scratch… as they had large family get togethers… and the men all enjoyed lots of good food

Do not remember how old “MARIE” is on this Photo…and she is on the right… with an old friend “Hazel”… someone she knew for  many years.

This could have been at the “Fairgrounds Park” as it was the largest of Parks, and so many of the “BRADY FAMILY” lived  in different directions  all around… so close and easily in a good walking distance, as everyone loved to walk in those days … sometimes for hours, just to see all the new building  and enlarging of the Saint Louis area.

Since “MARIE’s” Birthday is tomorrow… just thought that I would include different pictures of the different time stages in her LIFE, as  TIME flies by so fast… only one hundred years… and most of the people alive today, have no idea of what was really going on  back then… when the, “Living was Really GOOD.”

…As I remember… if you were with family and just a walk in and or around the neighborhood… you were expected to just drop in… and before you knew it… the family would in no time at all have food and drink for you and something  extra special for the small children!

I remember as I was one of the small children, and besides something to eat… we would be offered some new games and toys to play with and we could take them home with us as we left.

It was always a good time for me… as I remember always having been ask… “Did you get enough”… and or “Do you want some to take with you”… as these were those years during WWII and I guess everyone living in those days, was always wanting to help everyone… whether they needed help or not?

The other important things to everyone… was asking about those that had family enlisted in the WAR effort… How are they and do you hear from them” and the other thing…”Do you need some of my ration coupons, as I have some that I will not need and maybe you could use?”

Back then…Family and Friends were right there helping one another… America was still growing and growing stronger by helping each other and working for the winning of the WAR!

“Just remembering those good old days with MOM and the family and wishing you… “MOM” a very Happy Birthday…  where BIRTHDAYS  are NOW very exciting to be celebrating, and  with so many of the Family!”  xoxoxo

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