“Always one Person that remembers What Happened”

Match + Pencil Box = “FIRE”

When you are a “FIRST-GRADER” there will come a day, when you grow up in a hurry!

For a “KID” I generally was the happiest of kids! Being the first, in the family I usually knew what was going on and what was about to happen, as it always helped me to keep my ears – listening?

I do believe, that I had heard someone say, “Are you paying attention, to what I am saying?”

That phrase is boring and makes no real sense to hear, once it has been said? So… since then, I have put myself always in  the listening mode!

What an explosion, when I opened the door, coming home from school, and I being in such a good mood?

One million questions bang, bang and what did you do, and where did those matches come from?

If ever a “KID” needed a good lawyer, it sure was then!

I’m hardly in side the house, cannot figure  out what is going on or what in the world happened, after I left this same house earlier this morning?

But I do see our little  “SNEAKY TOMMY” – on the wooden red stool,  in the kitchen  as he is trying to look all  holy and innocent, and as …whatever it was that he had done… was not his fault because,  the blame  will now  go to me… as if I had done something terrible?

I am ushered into the room where  little “SNEAKY TOMMY” had taken the matches out of my pencil box and started lighting them. And since they were such short and little matches, I guess he could not hold on to them, dropping them instead, and near the window, so that the curtains caught on “FIRE!”

So NOW…I heard at least a hundred  or more times of all the damage that could have been done, as well as they  “my parents” also could have died!

“LUCKY” for us… that my father has “eagle ears and nose” to see and hear  that which little “SNEAKY KIDS” might do and for him, Daddy to be able to immediately “POUNCE DOWN” on the emergent situation!

Did I say I was “LUCKY” too, – if there had been any real damage done to the room or house, if no adults were in the house, and as dumb as “TOMMY” was to just go and sit in another room, waiting for a fire to  eventually, come out to where he went to sit on that “red stool” as he just sat, nice and quiet  waiting  for the fire to burn him and the whole house down?

How dumb can a kid get? But, like I said, no damage – I escaped any and all punishment, since “Tommy” stole the matches and did something he should not have done.

In some of the pictures that I have posted  at various times, you can see the room where the fire took place and you can view others that I have and you will see no “FIRE” damage to the room and no damage to the furniture.

The dresser with the marble insert was right where you see it in the picture in the 1940’s and then in the 1950’s was sold to an antique dealer for top dollar.

“NO DAMAGE” as there was no telephone call  to report  to a  fire department, of a fire, and  no police, and no orphanage for the children, as there were no reasons to be sent there by a “social” worker!

Sometimes in LIFE… when a person decides to write a  book about themselves and in their writing they are asked if anything wild and or outstanding ever happened in their lives… something like a near death event… something to make readers of your book think that you had an exciting  life experience when you were a little child… “YOU” dream up something wild.

Something so wild you get carried away  just thinking that this will be the best news… that they will call for the presses to stop…for your fake headline… and you will make millions.

“What is that old saying”… “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

As it happens… “there is always someone that knows!”

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