“When Sharing Watermelon with Others is FUN”

Extra “Visits” are the BEST!

During the 1940s –  my DAD had an “OLD JALOPY” which was handy for him to do repair work on “FIX-UP” properties that cousins of my MOM’s family owned and rented out.

Anyone in the “RENTAL” business – learns in a hurry – that you need to be a “HANDYMAN” or at least know someone that you can hire cheap. “MAC”  – my DAD’s name that everyone called him and in a nice way – if they were wanting something done in a hurry – as he was also called  “JACK of all trades – Master of none” – he could do everything  and anything  – if he wanted too?

Well… It was good for  our Daddy to have  that … old Jalopy… when we were at the Orphanage…  because he was able to also  visit us by just driving in the side entrance… along the girls side of the building and seems that… some of the girls always  had their eyes peeled for the occasional visits that my parents would  be making…  unannounced and  highly unexpected, but each and every time was the “HIGH-LIGHT” of the week for us, Orphans!

This  particular highly unexpected visit was during a very hot summer spell that Saint Louis as surrounding Counties were experiencing and there was even a shortage of water… even for us poor Orphans!

 So, when my DAD rolled around the side road and turned the “ole Jalopy” right in and onto the playground area… were we ever in for a big surprise???  

My  DAD had several real cold “WATERMELONS” cradled in the back of his “Jalopy” and were we Orphans in for a “real treat”  to have  huge “WATERMELON” slices…  and the best part –  all –  “FREE!”  “A first time  for a “Watermelon” Party for  the Orphans!”

As I and all of my friends were  all  hanging around  with my DAD…  he was  so busy slicing up  melons and handing out as many pieces as fast as he could  – and  now – more of the kids were gathering around – all with their hands out and waiting to  be served  a slice of cold “WATERMELON!”  

Even the  boys from the boys side were coming  on over – the ones that were not afraid to get into trouble for being on the girls side of the playground – as there was an “invisible line” in the back of the building  – indicating that you  should stay on your own –  side of the playground – or you – just may have some kind of a  tough time  explaining   what you are doing  – where you don’t belong?

The NUNS were always watching from “special  hiding- places” …  just to see who was doing what  – why –  where and how –   so, some kids were always having a tough time … with some of the NUNS!?

Anyway,  on this particular afternoon,  which was a very “SPECIAL” time for all of us “ORPHANS”…  we sure had fun eating and while  also enjoying the occasion with my DAD …  as we were reminiscing  the “good old times” we, all  had long before we came to the Orphanage!  

My DAD was a real “JOKE-STIRRER –UPPER”  and he would have all kinds of silly stuff to say and do… just  making sure all the kids were having lots of fun and enjoying as much “WATERMELON” as they could!

I sure had fun and am guessing  that all the kids… who were there… way back then… remember the “FUN TIMES” … too!

“Sharing some good times to remember forever!”  

(Some of the “KIDS” …  never received a visit…  from their parents and really enjoyed the times they were sharing with my parents as my parents loved  all… us kids!)

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