Let’s all go outside and play “MONOPOLY”

Today… since children and everyone are confined to the home… due to the “Coronavirus” have some ideas for the children  to play outside, and also the parents just may want to play with the children!

“How about some STREET “MONOPOLY”  for the KIDS”


Has anyone ever given a second thought to putting the game of “MONOPOLY”… at the dead end of  some  streets  for  the neighborhood kids to play – – outdoors  – – in the good ole fresh air?

How would this look on the…  “cul-de-sac”  or better known as the “dead-end” area … where there are homes  and lots of children,  who would just LOVE having a place to PLAY the popular GAME of  “MONOPOLY” … with all of their  neighborhood FRIENDS!

These are just  some real good “Street ART” …  but with my IDEA of adding this as an extra… into  those areas, where the  children could play  a popular game… where they all know the rules, and would have lots of FUN … outdoors,  enjoying some FRESH AIR… and meeting new FRIENDS… this is  a step up from the game of “HOPSCOTCH” … where some movement of the body is building up…  instead of just turning into a “sofa-potato”… with all of the fresh-air, you can  in-hale…  for FREE.

This “Street-Art” is so good  and the IDEA of making something   similar for the children in the neighborhood – “WOW” – what a difference for the world!

This last piece of  “Street-ART” –  sends a message –  there is “ART” …  and then there is  “art” … and without good colors and in the right places, the world lacks some degree of  “pizzazz” …  we need a couple of steps  up in the coloring … to make everything more eye appealing.  D.V.

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