“Let’s Have GOOD Music, Now and Forever”

Music Makes me – More “ME!”

“The proof is in the pudding!” 

 When you can ask your child to play some of the music you love to hear and they can just sit down at the piano anywhere and start making the music  that puts you in “Seventh Heaven” – a place where all your cares and woes of this world  – just  seem to fade away!

When my sons were in first grade at school, I started taking them … after I had them enrolled  at the Hamilton Music Store, so that they could take piano lessons. At that  time, I really had no idea that they would ever  really like learning and  then… also memorize the songs they were learning to play.

The other night the radio was on and some Scott Joplin music… the “Maple Leaf Rag” which just happens to be one of my favorites, and was just what I like…  so I ask my son, Al if he could play that or some of the other tunes that he knows that I enjoy?  

I went into another room for a minute and just that fast the radio was off and Al was sitting at the piano and playing  the “Maple Leaf Rag” and just one piece of music after another. I was enjoying the best of music and right there in the comfort of my own home!

If it is at all possible… for young children to learn to play the piano and or any other instrument of their choice, I believe, that we parents should strive for that… more so than  for any other thing in life,  just knowing that your children have that opportunity  to learn about music and  then to also perform royally… if I  do… say so myself!

 It is so good for each person to be able to make music, alone  and or with  family and friends at any and all of the  time…  of their life.

I am grateful and thankful that Almighty Yahweh,  enabled me to start my children  very early  in their lives into a musical field to participate alone and also to remember to entertain their old parents, and that would be me!     D.V.

“Just…  Sit back and enjoy… try using those notes above to see… how well … and if, you are able to play along!”

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