“Getting Ready to Go to Grandma’s House”

“and… you thought – that I forgot…”

Every “FAMILY” has their favorites at this time of the year – and – we can remember way back when…

At this time of the year “FAMILIES” do a lot of traveling – “To Grandmother’s  House” – how else could we all celebrate … all  of the best of times?

“Grandmothers” have a way of making the best “Turkey  Dinner”…and  also the very best Pumpkin Pie and she always has new  side dishes… that we just don’t know how to stop tasting … here and there… with a little of this and that… and before you know it… we put on at least “ten pounds” of  all those extra goodies … and we just continue  giving in and  our fingers continue  dipping in … with  more sampling… of everything!

Well, we  just have to get  going to Grandmother’s… and it usually is a long ride… and  then… with the little children … all you hear  at least every “FIVE” minutes is… “Are we there yet?”

So, in our family…  my husband would play the harmonica… as I would then be  doing the driving… and we would  all be singing… all the songs that the kids like, hoping… that they would  be singing and  forget to  keep asking… if we will be there… if not …  it is time… to sing their favorite song, and when and how soon … will it be… to start our special song.. which is so much “FUN”… as it helps to forgot  our long drive???

Well, the “DRIVER” that would be me – got a “brainy idea”  – to have just a little more singing excitement – all along the way! As I was driving and could see a bridge that we were going to have to cross – soon – was ready! As – the car was about a car length or two before crossing over – let out with… “Over the river to Grandmother’s house we go – the horse knows the way to carry the sleigh – through the white and drifting snow… ” And just as soon as we crossed over the bridge – I would stop singing!

The first time – everyone thought that I did not remember the rest of the words – and we all just started to laugh.  So, I said, “It’s more fun to do something different as we travel and whenever we come to a “Bridge” – it is time to start our “Grandma Song” and start singing just as fast – even though we can’t even finish the word – so, we will all stop differently and it will sound silly – just for us?”  Now, as we traveled – the kids were on the “LOOK OUT” for a “Bridge” and would now – start our “Grandmother’s Song” – trying to be the very first and start to laugh and  giggle having more  fun all the way – to “GRANDMOTHER’s House!”

There were a couple more lines that we, all  like to sing, – “Hear the bells ring, “Ting-a-ling-ding” – Hurrah for Thanksgiving Day!”

And cannot forget… that my “Grand-daughters”  like “Rice Pudding”… so we had to include, “Hurrah for all the “FUN” … Is the “PUDDING” ready?”  – “Hurrah for the “PUMPKIN PIES” …  we are almost there!”

Sure hope that this reminds  everyone… let’s all have “FUN” going to “GRANDMOTHER’s House” especially with the children, and maybe… someday they will also… let you know…  just how much “FUN” they had traveling to and from “GRANDMOTHER’ House!”

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