Time of the Old Woman?

In North America; Weather Prone Accidents! The headline above is what I read on “Coast to Coast” – evidently this period of accident prone time for “Old-Women” – starts February 25 and goes through March 4, 2014!  Since I caught only that small bit of information, thought I would pass it on.

Maybe this “Old-Woman prone to accidents” period has occurred last year to me and maybe even years before and just now we are learning to check out “strange happenings” with one another to see if- in reality – if some mysterious things are reoccurring to us?

Last year, February 28th I took a fall during the night – did not feel bad when I was getting up  – out of bed to go to the bathroom – but the short walk to the bathroom – something – no one knows what could have happened, but I passed out  – falling flat forward and breaking a bone in the nose. How long was I out – like a light – how did I hit the dresser and end up black and blue on the side that hit? No one knows?

My grandson, Alan took me to the emergency hospital – they ran all kinds of tests and I was there for days. I almost felt like a porcupine – everything was x-rayed   – needles putting stuff in me – other needles stuck in to take blood for testing for everything – checking what the medicines  I had been taking to see if they needed to be changed and if others meds would correct everything and anything? I felt like a big “PIN-CUSHION.”

Surgery was found to be the necessary item needed now! I was just not ready for surgery – by a doctor I did not know! I wanted a second opinion by a doctor that had an idea of how my body works – this was more than my brain could fathom? So, I signed for my release from this hospital – so I could check all this information out.

When I left the hospital – all of a sudden I could hardly walk – pain up and down my right leg – so now I have another problem? This now took more testing and checking to see what my problem and pain situation would entail.

This prone accident week for the “OLD WOMAN” – last year – caused me to have to go through two major surgeries within the month of March 2013.

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