“Every Hair in Place!”


When you have to drop everything you are doing  – when you are a “KID” – that means, that I have to stop playing with my friends  – take a shower  – get myself all dressed up  – as if I was going to England, to visit the Queen of England  – everyone knows that we are related  – all this and that just to pose a half a dozen different ways  – I do not think  that the Queen will remember me,  –   anyway?

Can you tell that  – I’m trying to keep a straight face –  I have to keep my attention where the Photographer is directing me to look – into the camera –  so that when this photo gets hung on the “WALL” and someone is looking at me  – and they move to another part of the room  – they will say, “Alan is following me –  no matter where I go in this room  – he is looking  – right at me!”

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