Bug Zapper

It’s   a 105 hot degrees today, meaning  the marbles in my brain recall  ‘something silly’  – that happened  in  1980s. My Dad wanted  to try  out the  ‘summer screened room’, we all put up together  in the back-yard area – everyone on the road had three acres or more.

Maybe,  2:00 am, I hear some  unusual noise – crackling, get out of bed – look out all windows – do not want to wake anyone – dial the  ‘operator’, need the  Electric  Co. –  told them must be electric lines down –  “Isee and hear sparks”  flying around –  down the road  –  with all the trees and bushes   – can’t say for sure where the lines are down?   They  wanted my name and address.    Went back to bed    –   fell sound asleep!

When I was getting ready for work in the morning  –  my Dad, said,  the Electric Co. – pulled in the side driveway   –  the biggest thruck  – lights all over  – woke him up –  and with only his shorts on .   They said,  someone at this address reported  –“electric lines down.”    The only thing they found  was a  “Bug Zapper”    zapping bugs  –  down the road.  He told them that  “no one ”  from here  would do such a  “Dumb Thing”

“Can you believe  – I could do such  a  Dumb Thing?”

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