“Lee Living Life in Love!”


“Happy Birthday Lee” – Today is the day! – Every day of  “LIFE”  is the best day  that we can have – and everyday that someone  we  “LOVE”  can remember all the good days we had   – makes for this to be the best day ever!

This photo was taken on Ft. Lauderdale, Florida  – Beach  – while we were living in Florida – to  open the first  Dobbs  House Snack Bars – the beginning of our restaurant business. The date on this photo is June 1958. That background – Ocean – looks like there is no end to the edge of the world? Living in Florida – is “LOVE!”

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  • Jaime Aldrich says:

    Happy Birthday Grandpa! I love my family!

    • Mary Ellen says:

      The best “GIFT” that one can give to any one – especially to “FAMILY” is just a note of “LOVE” – that is what makes the world go around – and “LOVE” lives forever in the soul!
      Your “LOVE” is travelling through all – Time and Space Dimensions!

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