“Big Lee and Little Lee – relaxing!”


Ft.Lauderdale, Florida  – with the Ocean  – just begging “Swimmers” to come and enjoy – Lee Sr. and Lee Jr.are making a bet as to which one will run and jump in “FIRST” – since both are the best of “Swimmers”  – ready – get set – “GO!”

When your Daddy is a terrific swimmer – you just naturally want to do even better – if you can- and it always helps to be encouraged – all through your “LIFE” to excel in whatever your “DREAMS” are calling you to do!

Lee was able to save lives when he joined the NAVY  – when President J. Carter was in office  and had sent the Navy in areas where there were  people leaving their Country in boats not suitable for the high seas and – Lee was awarded medals for saving lives when the opportunity  was knocking!

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